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Feminine Hygiene Units
For the Future


An exciting offer exclusively for EcoPro clients, our revolutionary new feminine hygiene units are emptied by our cleaners – cutting your costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

We‘ve calculated that switching to our sanitary bins could save your Auckland business 120kg of CO2 emissions per year!

These sanitary bins are a game-changer. The discreet feminine hygiene disposal bins can be emptied by our cleaning teams as often as necessary. This offers you 3 great benefits:

  • Our eco sanitary bins save you the cost of a separate managed sanitary waste disposal service…
  • and save all the greenhouse gas emissions of having a big truck travel to and from your office to service your feminine hygiene units.
  • Plus, we’ll empty and clean your sanitary bins as often as needed, ensuring a hygienic, odour-free bathroom for your staff and visitors.

We’ve never been so excited about our washroom services!

Sanitary Bin Options

Our compact, contemporary sanitary bins are wall-mounted and easily accessible. Available in white, black or with a patterned finish, you’ll find one to match your bathroom décor.

The opening allows unobstructed posting of waste and minimises sight into the unit, and means there’s no need for a modesty tray – which means no more unsightly surfaces or trapped waste. You can select a manual or touch-free opening mechanism.

Our cleaners will ensure your sanitary bin is hygienically cleaned and will remove all waste. We can also supply antimicrobial cleaning wipes designed specifically for these feminine hygiene units, for refreshing the sanitary bins between EcoPro visits if necessary.

You won’t need to touch the bin liners – but FYI, they’re made with 20% recycled materials and are biodegradable.

So what’s the catch?  Firstly you need to be an EcoPro customer to be able to access this fantastic product.  Secondly the units are only available on a 36 month lease.

Contact us or phone 0800 326 776 now for a quote, or to find out how our Green Cleaning Services Assessment can identify ways to improve the health of your workplace.