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Window Washing


Cleaning our windows is often put at the bottom of our to-do lists. Not only is it a physically demanding task, but it’s time consuming too and very hard to get a great, streak free result. Specialists in commercial window cleaning, we’ll leave your windows spotless and looking great.

Our professional window cleaning services include the cleaning of:

  • Indoor & outdoor windows
  • Skylights & solar panels
  • Screens, doors & mirrors
  • Window frames
  • Window sills
  • Glass balustrades and glass partitions


Glass is a porous material, just like many carpets, fabrics and timber. That means it is subject to holding mould, dust and other dirt. Far worse is that glass is also subject to microbial growth. Glass windows which are not cared for will age much quicker, leading to micro-cracks and scratches which end up requiring a costly windowpane replacement.

Our glass cleaners leave your window panes streak free.


A notoriously tricky job and very time consuming, Venetian and vertical blinds are a nightmare to clean.  And regular dusting only does part of the job.  The nature of the materials that blinds are made from is that they attract dust that sticks.  Over time this sticky dust simply cannot be easily removed – they need to be steam cleaned to remove that build up, marks and soiling.  And you may also find your blinds, which can often be quite delicate things, might also need small repair work done.

Our vans will visit your site, remove the blinds and clean them on site with our specialised equipment, fix any needed repairs, and hang them the same day.  If you don’t have room or facilities to host one of our trucks, they can be taken away and done overnight.

NB: These extra services are not covered by our ECNZ licence.

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