EcoPro: Your local, trusted cleaning company. 100% Kiwi owned and operated since 1974.

Commercial Cleaning Jobs
in Auckland


The EcoPro Cleaning Co specialises in cleaning the Auckland offices of small to large sized businesses, from the North Shore to South Auckland.

As one of Auckland’s best commercial cleaning companies we are always looking for great cleaners to join our team.

The great news is we are not a franchise, so we pay you, not the other way around! Working for us, you would be self-employed and should you wish to start up your own business. or expand the business you already have, we can help you. And we pay well!

All we ask is that you have a great attitude and at least 3 to 4 years cleaning industry experience, preferably with NZQA Level 2 qualification. A positive outlook on life and a desire to do what is best for our planet will also help.

You must have your own vehicle and we prefer that you have your own equipment. If you don’t, we help you purchase equipment using our industry discounts.

We are currently only Auckland based. We ensure you only work in your local areas, saving you petrol costs.

We give you really clear, one-to-one, on-site training on green cleaning systems, full health and safety training, and a full site induction before you start work. We give you days off for your own cultural holidays and festivals if they aren’t recognised as statutory holidays in New Zealand.

If you are interested in becoming an EcoPro cleaner, cleaning offices part time or full time, phone us on 09 415 9984.

5 things you’ll love about working for us


You’ll be self employed, not a franchise
Being self-employed means more money in your pocket. We don’t force you to buy all your equipment or insurances through us. We don’t force you to pay for signage on your car or wear an expensive uniform. We don’t ask you to contribute to our advertising budget. We just ask that you do a great job.


Free training
We don’t teach you how to clean an office professionally, but we do teach you how to clean BETTER. We train cleaners in efficient cleaning, time saving methods, and environmental best practice. We help you purchase equipment, provide you with professional eco friendly cleaning products and teach you how to reduce chemical and water consumption. We also help you write your own Health & Safety Management Plans to keep you safe, as well as the people that work with you and for you. All training is provided free once you have committed to working with us.


Fair pay & respect
We believe in changing the way people think about cleaners. Often cleaners are taken advantage of, treated poorly and paid low wages. We show our customers the benefits of valuing cleaning and the people that are cleaning their offices, ensuring our cleaners are able to earn the equivalent of a living wage. (A few years ago, the Ministry of Social Development asked us to participate in a study, and wrote up our approach into a case study.)


Health benefits
Our green cleaning services protect human health as well as the environment – so our cleaners are not exposed to nasty toxins. Because our products and our services are licensed by Environmental Choice NZ we are actively improving indoor air quality, making the environments our cleaners work in healthier workplaces.


Freedom to grow
Because our cleaning teams are self employed you enjoy the benefits of being in charge of your own future. Whether you are saving for a deposit for a house, dream holiday, paying off your mortgage or want to improve the lives of your family back home, we help you along that path. We give you the tools to help set up and improve your business, promote growth and become everything you dreamed you could be!

If you are interested in becoming an EcoPro cleaner, cleaning offices part time or full time, give us a call today on 09 415 9984.