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In an industry rife with greenwashing, EcoPro stands out.

Our green clean teams use the best professional eco cleaning products in NZ – but our green cleaning services are about more than just protecting our environmental resources, they’re also about human health.

In our view, it’s not enough to just change a few chemicals. Cleaning methods and equipment also matter, as does recycling and building maintenance, and ensuring our cleaners are respected and paid fairly.

As pioneers of green cleaning in NZ, we’ve been improving the quality of the air and hygiene of surfaces in our clients’ offices for over 45 years. Our high quality cleaning services, using only non-toxic, environmentally certified cleaning products, results in more hygienic surfaces, fewer germs and fewer allergies, which can mean fewer staff sick days.

Our commercial cleaners are all highly trained in more eco friendly cleaning services, use only professional eco friendlier cleaning products, and we pay our teams fairly for every project. That’s why we have long and successful relationships with those in the EcoPro family.

We offer our customers a Free Green Cleaning Assessment to identify ways to improve the health of your workplace, reduce waste to landfill and minimise plastic consumables. We will take the time to listen and understand your individual needs and tailor our service to suit you and your business.

Aside from offering commercial cleaning services we also have a strong commitment to educating those with an interest in learning how they can implement real eco-friendly practises.


The way we clean, from processes to materials, keep your team and our environment healthier – backed up by our Environmental Choice NZ certification.

We’re proud to have been the first cleaning company capable of providing a service certified by Environmental Choice NZ, New Zealand’s internationally recognised and government endorsed eco-labelling programme.

We won the Environmental Choice NZ’s ‘Innovator of the Year’ award in 2010, and the ‘Excellence in Sustainability’ category in the Westpac Business Awards 2011.


We’ve done your homework for you by choosing only certified products with rigorous third party accreditation, including washroom consumables. We’ve considered the whole life cycle of each of the professional eco friendlier cleaning products we use, from toilet paper to hand towels to soaps.

It’s important that the sustainability credentials of toilet paper producers are rigorously checked to ensure the paper is being harvested sustainably and that nasty chemicals have not been used in the whitening processes of the paper. Will the soap easily biodegrade once it has been flushed down the sink? Better still, we could look at replacing flowing soaps with foaming soaps that dramatically reduce the amount being used, again saving you money.


By implementing some easy eco cleaning principles we help businesses cut their plastic bag consumption by as much as 79% and waste to landfill by 75%.

Our cleaners are specifically trained in waste minimisation and alert us when waste that can easily be diverted from landfill is not.

We try to educate clients on what kind of waste is easy to eliminate. A few years ago we came up with our Bin Liner Free campaign to cut down the amount of unnecessary plastic going into landfill. If we could eliminate bin liners from our clients’ under-desk bins, we estimate that our company in Auckland alone could save more than one million plastic bin liners per year from going into landfill.

Our Bin Liner Free campaign quickly morphed into a Bin Free campaign. Removing the bin from under the desk not only forced people to recycle, it also encouraged them to move about the office more frequently. One of our clients gave their staff Fitbits and set up a competition to see who could complete the most steps during the working day!


Maximising your staff productivity without increasing your costs is an elusive goal for many businesses.

Office workers spend more than 80% of their time indoors, and indoor air can be 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air, contibuting to asthma, allergies and Sick Building Syndrome. This leads to employee absenteeism and an overall decrease in productivity.

The key cause of this lost productivity is poor building air quality. In most cases improving that indoor air quality is quite easy with a change of cleaning processes to eliminate contaminants such as volatile organic compounds.

Studies estimate that a healthy indoor environment can increase employee productivity by around 2% (some say as high as 7%). You may well be able to achieve this productivity increase with no additional cost to your business!


We understand the key driver in most businesses when it comes to looking for a commercial cleaning service will be cost. We find that most businesses are pleasantly surprised by the level of sustainable savings they can achieve when they engage our services.

We can assist you in identifying which areas of your current cleaning process can be improved, and help you implement a plan that suits your specific needs. These will help you reduce your carbon footprint and costs. Find out how we’ve saved costs for Auckland businesses.

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