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Best Office Cleaning Company?


Researching, evaluating and vetting a new commercial cleaning contractor is a time-consuming process that business managers prefer to undertake as infrequently as possible. To make your decision easier, here are 4 reasons to choose EcoPro.


Our high quality cleaning services, using only non-toxic, environmentally certified cleaning products, results in more hygienic surfaces, fewer germs and fewer allergies, which can mean fewer staff sick days.

As pioneers of green commercial cleaning in New Zealand, for over 45 years we’ve focussed our Auckland cleaning services on improving the quality of the air and hygiene of surfaces in our clients’ offices, helping minimise allergic reactions and sick days.

All our Auckland commercial cleaners are trained in environmentally friendly processes and use chemicals scientifically proven to be biodegradable with absolutely no volatile organic compounds. We offer existing clients a free green cleaning assessment to determine where other factors can be addressed to improve the overall ‘health’ of your work environment.

The way we clean, from processes to materials, keeps your team and our environment healthier – backed up by our Environmental Choice NZ accreditation and Sustainability Commitment.


Most businesses save money by choosing EcoPro as their commercial cleaner. By implementing some easy green cleaning principles we help businesses cut their plastic bag consumption by as much as 79% and waste to landfill by 75%.

Not only does this save costs, but we have found that staff became highly engaged in the whole process. At HRV, staff initiated an in-house swear box-type ‘fine’ system for anyone caught putting the waste in the wrong bin.

With big leaps in waste management levies for business on the horizon, it makes financial sense to improve recycling techniques and minimise waste to landfill before those costs increase significantly.

If your business would like to minimise waste and reduce plastic consumables, find out how we’ve been able to cut costs for other Auckland businesses.


We have an established reputation as a commercial cleaning company that pays particular attention to detail. Every EcoPro commercial cleaning team manager is responsible for meeting our 59-point Quality Assurance checklist – our commitment to monitoring and maintaining our own performance.

To ensure this is benchmarked against international standards, Environmental Choice NZ independently assessed our processes, products and equipment.

We guarantee to our customers the following:

  • To pay attention to the detail in order to consistently deliver superior cleaning services to our Auckland customers
  • To only use top quality, proven procedures, products and equipment, with a focus on using Environmental Choice NZ certified, professional eco friendly cleaning products and suppliers
  • To offer the most up-to-date advice in the field of environmentally friendly commercial cleaning services and suppliers – with a firm eye on reducing your waste to landfill, thereby reducing your costs
  • To only utilise highly skilled and meticulous Auckland cleaners, all fully trained in environmental procedures in accordance with our Environmental Choice NZ license
  • To listen to what your business is trying to achieve and constructively respond to those requirements
  • To tailor the best possible services in order to deliver the best value for money
  • To be open, honest, respectful and informative when communicating with you

Call us fanatical but we’ve earned it!


Commercial cleaning is a very undervalued industry, and unfortunately there are some unscrupulous operators. Many cleaners are new to our country and are taken advantage of because of that. EcoPro strives to be different, to treat our guys with respect and fair rates of pay.

Most of our Auckland commercial cleaners are business owners in their own right, so we help them grow their business or we help set them up in business. Unlike the typical commercial cleaning franchise model, our cleaners have much more say in their businesses and what they purchase (and from whom). This means we are able to pay them a bigger slice of the pie. (Sound good? Find out more about our commercial cleaning jobs!)

We pay our teams fairly for every project, ensuring our sub-contractors are able to receive the equivalent of a living wage. This is necessary for self-respect and self-esteem – and you receive a higher standard of cleaning as a result. 20% of our cleaning teams have been with us for more than 10 years, and three of them since the 1990s!

We have on average 30 contracting teams, with a great deal of ethnic diversity. We’ve developed really clear, one-to-one, on-site training on sustainable cleaning systems, and offer benefits like days off for holidays and festivals that aren’t recognised as statutory holidays in New Zealand. A few years ago, the Ministry of Social Development asked us to participate in a study, and wrote up our approach into a case study.

We are constantly evolving our procedures to be one of Auckland’s best office cleaning companies. We make bold claims about our green cleaning services, and we’ve put a lot of time into getting third party accreditation. We’re the only cleaning company licensed by Environmental Choice NZ.

Contact us or phone 0800 326 776 now for a quote, or to find out how our Green Cleaning Services Assessment can identify ways to improve the health of your workplace.