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HRV North Shore had a problem – a problem with waste! And it was costing them a fortune in waste disposal. After taking the EcoPro green cleaning assessment it was found that a considerable amount of changes could easily be made.

We found the staff became highly engaged in the whole process – staff initiated an in-house swear box-type ‘fine’ system for anyone caught putting the waste in the wrong bin.

In the first three months of initiating the waste reduction programme, their waste to landfill reduced from 9 bags of rubbish per week down to only 3 bags. They had consumed over 500 bin liners in the previous 12 months, and we have now totally eliminated their need for bin liners all together! That’s a total reduction in plastic bags going into landfills of almost 79% – we think that’s something to shout about!

Key facts
  • In 3 months, waste to landfill reduced from 9 bags per week to 3 bags
  • 500 bin liners over previous 12 months reduced to Zero
  • 79% reduction in plastic bags to landfills