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EcoPro: Your local, trusted cleaning company. 100% Kiwi owned and operated since 1974.

CLEANING PROPOSAL Prepared for: XYZ Client

Proposal presented by: EcoPro Cleaning Co. Auckland

Company Profile

In forty three years of trading, we at EcoPro have built up a reputation for quality of work, reliability and integrity. By taking a personal interest in the premises they maintain, EcoPro provides the highest standard of workmanship and service while placing the security of their clients business and premises as paramount.

It is their endeavour to create for you a healthier environment by combining cutting edge, environmentally-friendly technology and excellent personal service.

Initially under the banner of MW Cleaning Services, EcoPro was originally formed to provide superior cleaning services for the maintenance and care of Commercial premises, and they continue to do so while keeping abreast of an ever evolving industry.

The EcoPro Cleaning Co. has brought together a team of individuals who believe in an uncompromising commitment to client satisfaction, with the provision of total property care services.


  • The New Zealand Green Building Council
  • The New Zealand Ecolabelling Trust
  • North Harbour Business Association
  • The North Harbour Club and Charitable Trust


  • 2011 Westpac Business Awards “Excellence in Sustainability”
  • 2010 Environmental Choice NZ “Innovator of the Year” Award


  • 2015 & 2016 Sustainable Business Network Awards: “Community Innovation”
  • 2013 Westpac Business Awards: “Excellence in Social Responsibility & Sustainability”
  • 2012 Westpac Business Awards: “Best Emerging Business”

Client Referrals:

  • Airlie Court, Ernie Martin 021 275 8165
  • Billabong, Alana Hamilton 09) 414 5106
  • Hughes & Tuke, Katrina Williams 09) 415 4344

We have numerous other clients, including:

  • The Order of St John, all sites Auckland-wide
  • Several charities such as
  • The Wilson Home Trust
  • Christian Blind Mission
  • The Tindall Foundation.

And…the Alinghi Swiss Challenge, during their entire 18 month stay in New Zealand

About EcoPro

Cost Saving

Our innovative approach to cleaning is so cost effective even our accountancy clients tell us we save them money.

Service Guarantee

Our 59 point quality assurance checklist guarantees our standards stay high.

Healthier Offices

The way we clean, from processes to materials keeps your team and our environment healthier.

Cleaner Conscience

We pay our teams fairly for every project ensuring our cleaners are better off.

Schedule of Duties

Download Schedule of Duties


If you have any questions about this quote, feel free to get in touch anytime at

Cost per week - 1 Week
Cost per month - 1 Month
Initial/Extra Cleaning, flat rate per man hour* - 1 Hour
Sanitary Disposal Units, per unit, per monthly servicing
Auto Toilet/Urinal Sanitiser Units, per unit, per monthly servicing
Digital Air Fresheners, per unit, per monthly servicing
Tork Advanced Toilet Tissue (2 ply), 400 2ply sheets per roll, 48 rolls p.carton
PUREeco Jumbo Toilet Rolls (2 ply), 300m of 2ply paper - price per roll (sold in packs of 8 rolls)
Tork Xpress Lint Free Slimline Hand Towels, 209 towels p.pack, 21 packs p.carton
Mode™ Enriched Lotion Soap, per 1000ml refill (wall mounted dispenser)
Advance Nature Flowing Handwash, per 5 litre refill bottle
Eco-Pal Degradable Bin Liners, per roll of 30
Eco-Pal Degradable Kitchen Liners, per roll of 30
Rubbish Saks – 60% recycled content (no collection included), per pack of 50
Pre-paid Council Rubbish Sacks, per bag
Jumbo Rubbish Saks – 60% recycled content 240L Wheelie Bin Liners, per roll of 25

Total: $582.71

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The Contract shall be for a period agreed to by both parties, (minimum of 12 months) and will then roll over month by month, remaining in effect for as long as the work continues, subject to conditions below. However in the event of non-performance the contract may be terminated by either party giving one calendar months’ notice of intent or payment in lieu of, provided that the Company has been given reasonable opportunity to rectify the cause for complaint.


The accepted price will be complete and cover where and when applicable, all direct labour costs, sick pay, annual leave, accident compensation, public risk insurance and with the exception of extras, all cleaning materials and equipment to effectively perform the stated duties to a professional standard.


The contract price is subject to rise and fall by reason of variation  in the rates payable due to any award judgement, determination order or rule of court, statutory tribunal or authority, or any increase or decrease in the work involved, but only after due consultation with all parties concerned.


All our costs are worked out on a per annum basis then divided by twelve to achieve a regular calendar month charge rate.  Our costs per annum take into account the non-cleaning of areas during statutory holidays, etc.  We reserve the right to increase the contract price annually by at least 2% or to keep in line with inflation.  Where there has been necessity to quote a job prior to completion of building we reserve the right to review the costing’s after an initial settling in period of one month.


Unless specifically mentioned in the maintenance specifications, the frequency of service will exclude statutory or public holidays.  Where such holidays occur, these have been taken into account when quoting so no discount is given for work not undertaken on these days.  However if work is required to take place on designated Public Holidays this is charged at double time.


All  materials and  equipment necessary to perform the work will be provided by ourselves,  the exception will be extras such as Rubbish Saks, Bin Liners, Toilet paper, Soap and Hand-towels etc.  However, these will be supplied if required and charged at ruling rates.


Because we consider the security of our clients business of prime importance, we take great care in the selection, checking, training and supervision of all staff and contractors for whom we provide work.   However we do respect our client's right to reject any of our personnel without reason and on receipt of such a rejection we agree to replace that persons or persons forthwith.


Accounts for work will be submitted monthly on the 20th day of the current month, and are payable by the 20th of the following month.  Unless otherwise agreed, you are required to complete a Direct Debit form for the monthly cleaning payments, as governed by the conditions detailed in the Direct Debit Authority form.


Any amounts still unpaid after 30 days (following completion of the months’ work) will be subject to 5.0% compounding interest for each month or part thereof, that the amount remains unpaid. If any account is in arrears for 3 months or longer we reserve the right to stop the cleaning without notice until all monies have been paid in full.  Once the account is paid we will re-commence cleaning.


After the expiry of the initial contract period the contract may be terminated by either party giving one calendar months’ notice of intent in writing or payment in lieu.  In the event of non-performance the contract may also be terminated by either party giving one calendar months’ notice of intent or payment in lieu of, provided that the Company has been given reasonable opportunity to rectify the cause for complaint.


In accordance with Health & Safety law, there are three parties that have responsibilities.  Please refer to our Health & Safety Policy included in this document for further information.  We require you supply us with your own Health & Safety policies and procedures, hazards register and any other information in order to maintain a safe working environment for cleaning contractors.  These details must be provided, in written format, prior to commencement of any work.


Upon commencement of work you are agreeing to all these terms and conditions.  You are agreeing to pay your account by the due date, as aforementioned.  If you have any dispute you need to inform us within 24 hours or as soon as possible in the next working day that there is a problem.  The undisputed portion of the account is still payable.  If you do not pay your account by the due date you may be liable for all costs of recovery and collection.