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The Importance of Eco-Friendly Office Cleaning

The Importance of Eco-Friendly Office Cleaning

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Is your business looking to engage with a reputable cleaning company that focuses on environmentally friendly cleaning? Scour the internet and you’re likely to come across any number of office cleaning specialists. Each one of these companies are no doubt seeking to entice you with a ‘deal that won’t be matched’, or a claim that their cleaning services are the ‘most superior’. But now more than ever, businesses are learning that beyond service and price, it pays to seek a greener alternative. It’s paramount that cleaning companies use eco-friendly cleaning products and operate in a manner that is environmentally sustainable. There are numerous benefits to be had by engaging with an eco-friendly office cleaning company.


A Healthier Work Environment

Did you know that regular cleaning chemicals are one of the top three indoor pollutants? And whilst it is necessary to maintain a clean working environment, there are ways to do this that mitigate the use of harmful chemicals. Look for a company that uses non-toxic, environmentally certified cleaning products. These products are likely to be comprised of natural ingredients that are less harmful to environment, whilst providing an advanced surface clean. Better cleaning practices translate to a more hygienic work environment with less germs.


Healthier and Happier Employees

Aside from the physical benefits associated with eco-friendly office cleaning, there’s much to be said about the immeasurable ethical and moral benefits. In the current age of environmental sustainability, employees are more likely to value a workplace that places an emphasis on going green. To further illustrate this point, recent studies have shown that an increasing number of people would prefer to work for an organization that places credence on environmentally conscious work practices.


Less Sick Days

A more hygienic workplace leads to a reduced likelihood of your employees becoming sick. This equates to less time that your employees take off work, thus saving your business valuable operating costs. And when your employees are healthy at work, this translates to a happier, more positive work environment. Whilst you might believe that your employees health and happiness is largely out of your control, when you consider the significant amount of time that we spend at work, it becomes clear that our workspace can greatly influence these factors. We already know that healthy and happy employees take fewer sick days, so it’s crucial that you cultivate a workplace that is conducive to this. After all, your business is literally losing money by engaging in practices that contribute to an unhealthy workplace. That being the case, it makes sense that you would invest in quality, eco-friendly cleaning for your office space.


Spread the Happiness

Just like germs, happiness is contagious. The happier your staff are at work, the more productive they are likely to be. And at the end of day, it goes without saying that people would prefer to work in an environment that is happy and healthy. One of the easiest ways that you can ensure this is to create a clean office environment, not only free of germs, but free of harmful chemicals that are found in many cleaning agents.


Improved Air Quality

With regular eco-friendly cleaning, you can improve the air quality of your office space. This makes for a much more pleasant environment for your employees. Your staff can go about their business without breathing in dust and grime that builds up in a dirty environment. Whilst some cleaning companies will use cleaning products that produce offensive odours and toxins, it’s important to choose a company that uses more natural, less intrusive ingredients. Your staff will be a lot happier and as we all know, happy staff are productive staff. It’s also been proven that better air quality within an office leads to a reduction in fatigue, stress and headaches.


You Deserve a Clean and Safe Workspace

Business can be stressful. Your staff have enough on their plate without the worry of an unclean work environment. When you do make the decision to outsource your office cleaning duties, don’t make the problem even worse by introducing dangerous chemicals that cause your staff to start feeling light-headed. This issue can be avoided simply by engaging with an office cleaning company that uses environmentally friendly cleaning products.


Green Business is the Way of the Future

Right now, businesses across the globe are steadily increasing their focus on reducing their carbon footprint. As a global community, we are beginning to witness the effects of climate change on an alarming level. For some time now, businesses have been encouraged to reduce their electricity usage, be mindful of how much paper they print and of course, practice recycling. These simple steps will save operating costs and reduce your companies carbon emissions. And another step that your business can take to help the environment is to always use an eco-friendly office cleaning company.


Incentives for Going Green

There are many incentives for businesses to go green. Most notably, these include benefits to the environment, as well as an improvement in your employee’s health and happiness. However, in many cases there also exists legal and tax advantages for businesses to adopt sustainable practices. Tax credits and other financial incentives mean that the old way of doing things is gradually disappearing. In its place, is a cleaner, more environmentally conscious approach. While incentives are not yet available in New Zealand, this is certainly a worldwide movement that is sure to catch on here, so future proof your business and be ready to take advantage when incentives are introduced!


Going Green can Increase Profits

Economic studies indicate that companies that promote eco-friendly work practices are beginning to see an increase in profits. Such is the current focus on environmental sustainability, consumers want to do business with companies that can demonstrate green awareness. And as a marketing strategy, being eco-friendly is an effective tool to differentiate your business from your competitors.


The importance of eco-friendly office cleaning cannot be discounted. After all, your office needs to be regularly cleaned in a manner that makes it hygienic for your staff. By utilising eco-friendly cleaning methods and cleaning products, your staff can embrace the fact that their employer is doing its bit for the environment. This is likely to create a more positive workplace, coupled with the physical advantages of better air quality and hygiene. As a result, your staff are likely to have fewer days off, leading to increased productivity. And finally, you’re able to promote your business as environmentally conscious to your customers, thus highlighting an additional reason they should do business with you. With so many reasons to adopt eco-friendly office cleaning, now is the time to experience the benefits for your business.